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Norm Again Tablets

It's our flagship product that completely controls diabetes. It brings an end to the suffering due to diabetes. It constantly maintains your sugar level; it won't go high or low.

In extreme cases it supplements your existing allopathy medicines. Constant use over a period of time will help in gradual decrease in intake of insulin infections.

It maintains all the vital organs of the body eg: heart, liver & kidney. It helps you lead a normal life by having normal diet including Rice & Sugar.

Dosage: 4 tablets 2 hours (min 1 hour) before breakfast, lunch & dinner.

NOTE: Since this is not a complete cure for diabetes, it only controls & maintains your sugar level when religiously consumed. But if for any reason there's a halt in dosage of more than 24 hours, your sugar level will shoot up.


Shallaki helps reduce pain related agonies. Has anti-inflammatory properties whereby it reduces swelling on the knees, shoulder, back, neck and anywhere else on the body.

Treats joint pains, muscle pains, pains due to stress.

Dosage: 2 tablets 3times a day.

Stone Buster

It's a complete treatment for cyst (stone) in the kidney /liver/urinary bladder /urinary tract etc. It breaks the cyst into pieces & gets you rid of the stone without any surgery.

Dosage: 3 tablets twice a day with 250ml of water.


A natural product that detoxifies the brain & the body. By removing toxins from the brain & the body.

When taken along with milk (1 glass) it's a complete tonic for the body.

Dosage: 3 tablets twice a day or 2 tablets thrice a day.

Nam Up

A natural way to get rid of excess fat and tackle water retention problem. It helps fight and reduce obesity. It shows remarkable results if dietary control is exercised.

Dosage: 3tablets 3 times a day.


Neem has been known since centuries of having blood purifying properties thereby fighting allergies & bacterial infections.

Dosage: 3 tablets before breakfast, lunch and going to bed.


It regulates the bowel system, removes scratches on the intestines. Helps fight acidity, loss of appetite & also useful in internal piles.

It also deconstipates the body. It has Antidiaorrheal & Antiamoebic properties.

Dosage:  2 tablets after breakfast & lunch with normal water. 4 tablets with lukewarm water before going to bed.


It's a natural cardiac tonic. It controls cholesterol. Helps in smooth functioning of the heart.  And it supplements your existing heart medicines / treatment.

Quantity - 100 tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets 3 times after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Asthma Remedy

Nature's Own way of treating respiratory problems, problems with the lungs, breathlessness etc.

Also helps in controlling thyroid.

Dosage:  1 tsp with hot water twice a day.

Naturin M

A natural body tonic which improves vigor & vitality & spermatozhea for men. Improves the quality of life.

Dosage: 2 tablets twice a day to be taken with 1glass of milk.

Navit Granules

A nature's own way of providing you with energy that will last you an entire day. It also refreshes the brain as it contains brahmi.

Dosage: 1 tbsp with 1 glass of milk twice a day. Morning and before going to bed.

Natucuf Syrup

Nature's Own way of treating your different types of cough problems. It also decongests the lungs and to an extent also removes throat infection. And it doesn't put you to sleep.

Dosage: 5ml for children and 10 ml for adults to be taken twice to thrice a day, depending on the severity of the cough.

Elvee Syrup

Nature's Own way of maintaining your liver. It's useful in loss of appetite and all liver related problems even during jaundice

Dosage: 5 ml for children and 10 ml for adults thrice a day. Before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Naturin Pain Oil

A nature's own way of giving you relief from acute pain & paralysis.

It deals effectively with joint pains, knee pains, cervical pains, back pains, pains due to local anesthesia given during pregnancy, pains due to contraction of muscles & veins, depressed veins & muscles, varicose veins.

Strengthens the bone with its healing properties.

Application: Just apply & absolutely no massage. Depending on the severity of the pain apply more than 3 times a day.


A concoction of rare herbs & oils.  It serves as a complete hair care solution.

It stops hair fall, strengthens the roots, increases hair growth, density and length. Gives a healthy shine and bounce to the hair and makes the texture smooth.

Application: Apply on scalp, on length of the hair, leave overnight, and then wash it off next day.


A complete natural care for female body.

Especially treats hormonal problems, period cycle problems, balances the menstrual system & leucorrhea (white discharge problem)

Dosage: 3 tablets 3 times a day after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

BodyCare Syrup

A complete natural tonic for female body.

Especially treats hormonal problems, period cycle problems, balances the menstrual system & leucorrhea (white discharge problem)

Dosage: 30 ml in 250 ml water twice a day along with BodyCare Capsules.

BodyCare Capsules

Nature's Own complete natural care for females and their body.

Especially treats hormonal problems, period cycle problems, balances the menstrual system & leucorrhea (white discharge problem)

Dosage: 3 capsules twice a day before breakfast & before going to bed along with BodyCare Syrup.

All Our Products Are 100% Ayurvedic Made From Pure Herbs Thus Have No Side Effects.

Latest update: May 02, 2015


We are a herbal remedies GMP Company. We have been around for more than a decade & now we are online. We have a range of products that deal with most of the ailments faced globally. 


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