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Diabetes Overview Worlwide & in India
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Diabetes Overview Worlwide & in India

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The International Diabetes Federation recently published findings revealing that in 2007, the country with the largest numbers of people with diabetes is India(40.9 mln), followed by china(39.8 mln), the USA(19.2 mln),Russia(9.6 mln) & Germany(7.4 mln).

- Alarming diabetes statistics; there is one person in the world dying of diabetes every ten seconds.

- There will be two new diabtetic cases in the world being identified every ten seconds.

- By the year 2025, there will be as many as seven million new diabetic cases in the world.

- Eighty percent of all diabetics from the entire world population concentrated there which makes India the diabetic Capital of the world.

- Type 1 diabetes affects only children & the peak incidence of diabtes in children is during their puberty age.

- Type 2 diabetes is found mostly in adults,though of late, there are increasingly & alarmingly, more children also being affected by Type 2 diabetes.

Mumbai has more people suffering with diabetes than any other city in India, according to new research.

A survey of people living in India’s major cities, conducted by diagnostic chain Metropolis between April and September, found that nearly three quarters of the Mumbai’s residents (73.3 per cent) had abnormal blood sugar levels .

It also showed that Surat and Ahmedabad in Gujrat have the second and third highest populations of diabetic patients in India respectively.

Latest update: May 02, 2015


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