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Natu Prash- Immuno Plus

Natu Prash- Immuno Plus

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Our Immuno Plus is power packed with everything needed to give your Immunity & Strength a big boost.

When our Immunity is low, our body is not in its best form thus at risk of outside attack.

Immuno Plus makes sure our body is strong enough to fight infection, diseases or unwanted biological invasion the way it should when our Immunity is good. 

It also makes sure the body can also tolerate & defend itself against allergies & autoimmune diseases by boosting the Immunity.

It also increases the strength lost due to lack of Immunity and or Anemia

It helps in anemia by increasing the red blood cell count thereby increasing the quantity of blood & hemoglobin level to what's needed. Red Blood Cells fight infection & outside virus attacks.It increases the ability of the body to produce blood more effectively in cases where thereby increasing the quantity & quality of the blood.Anemia can put you at risk for a number of complications, so it’s important to get your RBC levels back on track as soon as possible.

As it increases the blood quantity & the quality, it leads to good circulation. Poor blood circulation can lead to many health issues; it can also affect the health of the brain which could lead to the death of brain cells & cognitive issues.

It also helps in Antiphospholipid Syndrome, which is an immune system disorder. This disorder can cause pregnancy complications. Immuno Plus in conjuction with our fertility treatment (Uteruso Plus,BodyCare Range etc) regulates the blood flow which is needed during such time.

It also increases the strength lost due bleeding (loss of excess blood) suffered due to any reason eg: accidents/miscarriages etc. It also helps if the blood is lost due to excess abnormal vaginal bleeding i.e. abnormal periods or prolonged bleeds.

It also increases the strength lost due to a disease or due to the after effects of a chronic disease.

It also deals with Iron deficiency.Iron deficiency occurs when the body doesn't have enough of the mineral iron. This leads to abnormally low levels of red blood cells. That's because iron is needed to make hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that enables them to carry oxygen around the body.

Immuno Plus along with No Pain,Shallaki Tablets & Naturin Oil helps repair the Cartilage damage in the Knee Cap. Cartilage is a firm, rubbery material that covers the ends of bones in the knee joint. It reduces friction in the joint and acts as a "shock absorber." When cartilage becomes damaged or deteriorates, it limits the knee's normal movement and can cause significant pain & stiffness. Immuno Plus alongwith the other medicines increases the Strength & Endurance, strengthens the Muscles & helps in the Tissue repair.

Also helps in acquiring & maintaining a healthy & strengthened body if one is weak without any disease & there’s this constant lethargy & fatigue.

It makes sure that our body makes the most of what we consume in terms of energy & nutritional value.

It keeps one high on life while keeping the body safe.

It makes sure the body functions at it's Optimal Level.


Quantity: 250gms

DOSAGE: 1 tsp (5gms) before Breakfast & before going to Bed with water or milk. 1-3 months (3 jars) of consistent consumption is needed. Results show after the 1st jar itself.


If symptoms persist please consult your doctor.


NOTE: Our products are made with pure herbs, so they tend to change colour overtime or may appear different one batch to another. However the product efficacy remains unchanged. Once opened air exposure & human touch could alter it's appearance sometimes but not it's efficacy.


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