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Kutaj, for a completely taken care of Digestive System.

It deals effectively with all types of Piles- Internal Piles, Bleeding or Dry Piles.

It regulates the bowel system.

It deals with acidity effectively.

It removes scratches that develop on the intestine.

Helps fight acidity & loss of appetite.

Deconstipates the body & Has Antidiaorrheal & Antiamoebic properties.

A minimum of 3 months ( 6 jars ) of consistent consumption is needed for Piles & Intestinal scratches etc. For acidity 2 months ( 4 jars) will be enough. After that it can be had as & when it's needed.


Quantity - 100 tablets
Dosage:  2 tablets after breakfast & lunch with normal water.  4 tablets with lukewarm water before going to bed.

If symptoms persist please consult your doctor.


NOTE: Our products are made with pure herbs, so they tend to change colour overtime or may appear different one batch to another. However the product efficacy remains unchanged. Once opened air exposure & human touch could alter it's appearance sometimes but not it's efficacy.

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