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Femka BodyCare Capsules

Femka BodyCare Capsules

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Nature's Own complete natural care for females & their body.Hormonal imbalances occur when there is too much or too little of a hormone in the bloodstream. Because of their essential role in the body, even small hormonal imbalances can cause side effects throughout the body.

Especially treats Hormonal problems, Period cycle problems, Balances the Menstrual system & Leucorrhea (white discharge problem). Disrupted period cycles could be too frequent or long delays. The quantity could be less or there could be heavy bleeding.

Also Treats PCOD/PCOS, to be taken along with our Natu Prash No Lump & Chiraitha Tablets( cyst treatment). Along with Hormonal Imbalance if you have Cysts & Fibroids then it is PCOS/PCOD. For PCOS/PCOD the cyst treatment is needed along with the BodyCare set.

Treats Adult Acne that occurs because of Hormone Imbalance.

And Weight gain especially in the lower body because of hormone imbalance & a non healthy menstrual cycle.

BodyCare Capsule & BodyCare Syrup are to be taken together & work as a Team.

One jar of BodyCare Capsule needs four bottles of BodyCare Syrup, which should last for 16 days.

BodyCare Set will paired with the following medicines as per need eg: Regular Hormonal Imbalance- BodyCare Capsule 2 jars & BodyCare Syrup 8 bottles for a month which is the ideal dosage if the syrup is 25 ml twice a d ay, it can be consumed at 15-20 ml twice a day(15*2=30/20*2=40), then2/ 3 bottles per jar will be needed thus 4/6 bottles with two jars instead of the ideal 8 bottles with the two jars.

- Hormonal Imbalance- BodyCare Capsule & BodyCare Syrup

- Hormonal Imbalance & White Discharge- BodyCare Set & Shatavari Tablets

- Hormonal Imbalance & Infertility- BodyCare Set & Uteruso Plus & Natu F Tablets

- Infertility & PCOD/PCOS- BodyCare Set, Uteruso Plus, No Lump & Chiraita Tablets

- PCOD/PCOS- BodyCare Set, No Lump & Chiraita Tablets

- White Discharge- Shatavari Tablets 

In normal cases of hormonal imbalance which only lead to irregular periods, ideally 5-6 months of consumption is ideally needed as mentioned, & 3-4 months consumption is bare minimum.

In extreme cases like PCOD/PCOS & Fiboids, 6-9 months of consumption is needed along with Natu Prash No Lump (only 3 months) & Chiraitha Tablets (only 3 months)as mentioned above.

Natu Prash No Lump will be needed for 3 months only, 1 jar for 1 month & Chiraitha Tablets will be needed for 3 months only 2 jars for 1 month.


You are suffering from hormonal imbalance if you're experiencing the following symptoms which are associated with the more common causes of hormonal imbalance, like:

unexplained weight gain or weight loss

unexplained or excessive sweating & hot flashes

difficulty sleeping

changes in sensitivity to cold and heat

very dry skin or skin rashes & dark patches

changes in blood pressure

changes in heart rate brittle or weak bones (osteoporosis)

changes in blood sugar concentration

irritability and anxiety

unexplained and long-term fatigue

increased thirst



needing to go to the bathroom more or less than usual


changes in appetite

reduced sex drive

thinning, brittle hair


puffy face

blurred vision,heavy watery eyes with deep dark circles

a bulge in the neck

breast tenderness

skin tags or abnormal growths

deepening of the voice in females

excess & frequent periods

prolonged & erratic periods

vaginal dryness

increased hair growth on the face, neck, chest, or back

burst of acne.


Like all our products BodyCare Capsules is 100% Ayurvedic made from pure herbs thus has no side effects.

Quantity - 100 capsules
Dosage : 3 capsules twice a day before breakfast & before going to bed along with 25ml BodyCare Syrup followed by 1 glass water of room temperature.

Note25 ml dosage of the syrup is for extreme cases of imbalance thus 8 bottles will be needed for the 2 jars of capsules as 25 ml twice a day comes to 50 ml a day from 200 ml i.e. 1 bottle for 4 days. For not so extreme cases & after dilgent consumption of the ideal dosage for 4 months in extreme cases, the dose can be 15/10 ml i.e. 30ml/20 ml per day thus 5/4 bottles will be enough with the 2 jars of capsules.

If symptoms persist please consult your doctor.

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