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Natu Prash- Spermo Plus

Natu Prash- Spermo Plus

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Improves the Quality & Quantity of the Sperm in extreme cases of Very Low Count or When count is NIL.

Also improves the Quality,Strengthens the sperm raising the chances of successful conception.

Brings the Abnormality level to Normal & Healthy.

Brings down the Acidic level.

Increases the Mortality Rate(%).

Makes the Sperm strong enough to break the Ova. And increases the chance of conception due to very healthy sperms. 

Low sperm count can lead to dampened/lessened sexual ability, a low sex drive and/or  difficulty in maintaing an erection (Erectile Dysfunction), Pain, Swelling, a Lump in the Testicle area. It could also lead to decreased facial or body hair & hormone abonormality which in plain language is not good for a Man.

It also helps in cases of Testicular Cysts.The pain emanating from it, it dissolves the cysts over time. Also helps in cases of Varicocele & Hydrocele. Our Chiraita Tablets will also be needed.

It also bring the hormone levels to the normal & healthy level which is very necessary as very low hormone levels cause poor sperm growth & many other problems like sudden & drastic weight gain or loss, hairfall, fatigue & more.

Starts working in the very first jar itself but consistent use of minimum 3 months (3 jars) consecutively is needed to lead to a successful conception.

Results vary from person to person, some cases have had successful conceptions in the very first jar. Even then it is advised to continue with the next 2 jars/atleast one more jar to rectify the internal system effectively as low sperm count leads to a lot of problems in Men. 


Quantity: 250gms

DOSAGE: 1 tsp (5gms) before Breakfast & before going to Bed with 1 glass lukewarm milk.

If symptoms persist please consult your doctor.

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