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Natu Prash- Power Plus

Natu Prash- Power Plus

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Helps in improving Vigour & Vitality. Works even in cases of Impotency.

Brings back love & happiness in your married life by increasing your stamina & staying power.

Removes sexual debility & loss of manpower.

Helps in happy conjugal life. 

It gives strength to the entire body even in extreme climatic conditions.

It strengthens the body in entirety along with the muscles & bones & has you rejuvenated & fresh. 

Consistent use over 6 months of 6 jars is needed in extreme cases of Impotency.  For non extreme cases minimum 1- 3 months of usage (3 jars consecutively) is needed to reap long term benefits. Though results show in the very first jar itself.

Quantity: 250gms

DOSAGE: 1 tsp (5gms) before Breakfast & before going to Bed with 1 glass lukewarm milk.

If symptoms persist please consult your doctor.


NOTE: Our products are made with pure herbs, so theyy tend to change colour overtime or may appear different one batch to another. However the product efficacy remains unchanged. Once opened air exposure & human touch could alter it's appearance sometimes but not it's efficacy.


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We are a herbal remedies GMP Company. We have been around for more than a decade & now we are online. We have a range of products that deal with most of the ailments faced globally. 


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