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Naturin M Bloodmaker

Naturin M Bloodmaker

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For a healthy functioning body an impeccable system is at work night & day, one of them being the purification of the blood & the manufacturing of blood as a whole. Naturin M Bloodmaker takes care of the manufacturing part in moderate level cases. In extreme cases our Natu Prash Immuno Plus will also be needed along with Chiraita Tablets.

Millions of Red blood cells or RBCs are being made and dying every second. When you give blood you lose red cells and the body needs to make more to replace them. Special cells in the kidneys, called peritubular cells, sense that the level of oxygen in the blood has decreased (due to the loss of red cells) and start secreting a protein called erythropoietin. This passes through the bloodstream until it reaches the bone marrow (the soft fatty tissue inside the bone cavities). The bone marrow produces stem cells, the building blocks that the body uses to make the different blood cells – red cells, white cells and platelets. The erythropoietin sends a message to the stem cells telling more of them to develop into red blood cells, rather than white cells or platelets. But in some this system isn't working properly & that's where external help is needed, one being our products namely Naturin Bloodmaker with or without Immuno Plus & Chiraita Tablets cases to case.

Red blood cells transport oxygen, while more plasma lets your heart pump more volume per beat per minute (greater cardiac output).Red blood cell increases usually occurs over weeks and months, while plasma volume responds more rapidly (days or even hours). They can change independently of one another to change total blood volume. Naturin M Bloodmaker helps in plasma volume expansion first.

It also increases the red blood cell count gradually thereby increasing the quantity of blood & hemoglobin level to what's needed. Red Blood Cells fight infection & outside virus attacks.It increases the ability of the body to produce blood more effectively in moderate cases thereby increasing the quantity & quality of the blood. As it increases the blood quantity & the quality, it leads to good circulation. Poor blood circulation can lead to many health issues; it can also affect the health of the brain which could lead to the death of brain cells & cognitive issues. A good RBC count also helps in cases of anemia.

It also recommended in cases where there has been excessive blood loss due to bleeding, suffered due to any reason eg: accidents/miscarriages etc. It also helps if the blood is lost due to excess abnormal vaginal bleeding i.e. abnormal periods or prolonged bleeds. But is extreme cases our Natu Prash Immuno Plus will also be needed.


Quantity - 100 tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets twice a day to be taken with 1glass of milk. Needs to be taken for 4-6 months in usual cases. In extreme cases our Immuno Plus & Chiraita Tablets will be needed along with it. Note: A lactose intolerant person could avoid the milk & have it with plain water.

If symptoms persist please consult your doctor.

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